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Architecture-CollegesArchitecture originates from the Latin word, “architectura”, which derives from the verb prhase, “to architect.” Architecture is the product and the process of managing, designing, and creating buildings and other structures. The works of architecture are considered to be the symbols of culture and the works of art. Additionally, different ancient civilizations are defined by their survived architectural buildings.

What to Expect While Studying Architecture

An architect is engaged in the design of individual buildings and various architectural groups, cities and towns. He or she develops and optimizes existing space-planning solutions. Depending on the specialization, he or she may deal with the reconstruction of architectural monuments, create landscape panorama, plan private construction projects, or determine a required infrastructure. At the government agency level, he or she is involved in obtaining approval for urban plans, taking into account the regulatory requirements.

Architecture is comprehensive. It arranges the space around us, from our apartment to the overall urban infrastructure. The architect profession has been one of the most respected and responsible professions for centuries. The scope of architectural activity today is truly versatile. The archetect can deal with both interior design and the design of large housing or public facilities, and can address global urban challenges, as well.

The main architectural specialties include:

  • Architecture of residential and public buildings
  • Architecture of industrial infrastructure
  • Urban design and planning

However, today's architects are often involved not only in "great" architecture, but also work in "small forms" such as the designs of interiors, both public and private. In addition, they can work as decorators, making interiors look great. However, no decorator can work without an architect in the design of an interior space. Providing space is the task of a professional architect!

While studying architecture, students will also study in other disciplines, such as the history of architecture. The history of architecture is an academic discipline that investigates the functional, structural and aesthetic development of architecture in time and space according to social needs, including the scientific and technical conditions necessary in the construction of buildings and structures. Architectural history includes the study of the laws governing architectural development in connection with the general laws for process, and the history of culture and society from the birth of such sciences as architecture. The history of architecture is, at the same time, an academic discipline involving historical and theoretical profiles. This feature is due to the specific nature of the subject, the history and development of architecture, the theoretical knowledge about architecture, architectural language, architectural composition, and the monitoring of common architectural features of a particular time and place, including the identification of architectural styles and types of architectures.

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The architecture degree is a professional study course intended to teach you architectural design, history, and theory and supply you with all necessary introductory and construction material courses. The architecture major results in a Bachelor of Architecture professional degree after five years of studying. Students who are ready to pursue a degree in architecture are required to finish a graduate program in this field.

The architecture major includes complex undergraduate education that is the initial steptumblr_ngdykcQyKz1t0k6q7o1_500 in a range of requirements leading to professional registration as an architect. Those who decide to pursue an architecture major have a chance to attend the best graduate schools in the US, such as Washington University, the University of Pennsylvania, and University of Virginia.

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