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Get Ready to Answer the Trickiest Web Design Questions

If you ask your grandma what web designers do, you probably won’t receive the answer. This profession is relatively new compared to such old professions as a doctor or a teacher. If you choose to become a web designer, we can only congratulate you because it’s a good choice.

web design questions and answers

This specialization is quite prospective nowadays because all companies (and many individuals as well) want to have a website for promotion of their products, services or ideas. In this article you will find popular web design questions which you can be asked during the interview. Also, you’ll find out where to receive help. Continue reading

10 Necessary Skills for Graphic Design Projects

Being smart and talented is not enough for mastering web design and meeting the needs of your future clients. Usually one masters graphic design through practical assignments and a lot of research. The more we do, the more we find out. The more theory we know, the more variety practicality we bring to our projects. For those who want to master graphic design projects, some habits are extremely important.


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