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ES5 to ES6 Javascript Tutorial

With the help of the tips suggested in this guide, you will write code that is understandable to any development team. These recommendations are not necessary to follow, these are the basic rules that will help you learn how to write more consistent and understandable code. To effectively apply the proposed rules in practice, start right now, share them with your classmates, and use them. However, do not get hung up on these rules, as it can be counterproductive. Try to find your own solution while dealing with your assignment on ES5 to ES6.

Reading through our ES6 to ES5 sample is quite useful, since you can use it to deal with your own assignment. This example was created under the assumption that you will not present it as your own assignment. You can work in your task using the sample as a tutorial or a guide. All examples on our site are useful for finding solutions to your problems with assignments. Read through the sample right now! Continue reading

Immediately Invoked Function Expression Sample

When developing scripts in Javascript, it is sometimes convenient to run the function immediately. Immediately invoked function expression in JavaScript (IIFE) is a syntactic structure that allows calling a function immediately at the point of its definition. Any function is called using the following syntax: function_name (), but you should keep in mind that instead of function_name, you can specify any expression that references an instance of the function. If the function call () operator is to be applied to the entire expression, then the expression is enclosed in parentheses. You can learn more details about Javascript immediately invoked function in the following sample.

Use the example presented below to deal with your own assignment. So, first of all, before you start completing your task, you need to read through the sample. This example is very effective in a situation where you get an assignment on a similar topic. It is used for programming discipline, so if you need to deal with immediately invoked function expression, read through our sample. Continue reading

What Is ECMAScript 6? A Full Guide

What is ECMAScript 6? ECMAScript is the official standard of the JavaScript language (the word JavaScript could not be used because the word Java was a trademark of Sun). JavaScript is the implementation of the ECMAScript standard. TC39 is a committee that develops the ECMAScript standard and decides on the inclusion of features in it. ECMAScript standards are many. The most popular of these is ECMA-262. ECMAScript 5 is the latest edition of the ECMA-262 standard (approved in 2009). ECMAScript 3 is supported by most browsers (approved in 1999). ECMAScript 6 (codenamed was approved in 2013. Continue reading

The Example of Working with the Symbolic Toolbox in the MATLAB

Task: get basic knowledge of how to work with the symbolic toolbox in the MATLAB software package (Part 1).


MATLAB is probably best known for its capability to perform numerical computations. This is particularly true when you consider the native capability of MATLAB itself. With the addition of the Symbolic Math Toolbox included in the student edition and the Extended Symbolic Math Toolbox, however, MATLAB can perform true symbol computations. MATLAB achieves its symbolic capability via the symbolic processor engine. Continue reading

Basics of Using InDesign: Part III

In the text below we continue talking about the basics of using InDesign. We remind you that the article is designed for students and beginners who are familiar with the basics of Adobe Photoshop, have initial skills in Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw, and want to learn how to create multi-page text documents. In the following article you will learn how to embed files into InDesign.

With the help of InDesign, any task becomes possible – the layout of a brochure, a magazine with high-quality typography and professional design, annual reports with complex tables and infographics, books with hundreds of pages, and more. If you want to learn the basics of using InDesign, our articles are here for you! We have three parts of the tutorial available on our blog. If you read them attentively, we believe that you will easily learn how to use InDesign. Continue reading

Guide on How to Use InDesign: Part II

In this article we continue describing the basic information on how to use InDesign. With the help of Indesign you will be able to create amazing design templates, interactive documents in PDF format, and even impressive videos for Adobe Flash Player. With our guide you will learn how to use InDesign standard functions. This text is aimed at students and beginners that only have just started using the software and need basic information. Also, we consider that you already know how to work with graphic editors and modular grids. For more information we advise you to check the first part of this tutorial on our blog.

We hope that our guide will help you a lot! In addition, on our blog we frequently post solutions for assignments and guides on various subjects. You may find it helpful, especially when you are assigned a similar task. All materials are supported with screenshots, images, and detailed descriptions to help you get a better understanding of the subject. Continue reading

Guide on How to Use Adobe InDesign: Part I

InDesign, in our opinion, is one of the easiest and most convenient programs for creating multi-page editions. While it has a wide range of functions, it is very easy to learn how to use Adobe InDesign. Besides, the compatibility with other programs of the Adobe System makes it simply priceless for every designer. What can you do with InDesign? Usually it is used for creating booklets, catalogs, books, newspapers, magazines, etc. If you have a strong desire to learn how to use Adobe InDesign, this article should help you.

The text below briefly introduces the main design possibilities in Adobe InDesign. We have illustrated the text with screenshots and detailed descriptions to help you understand the information better. Hopefully, with our article you will easily understand how to use Adobe InDesign. Besides, on our blog we share more guides and sample tasks on architecture, design, programming, engineering, and more. So, don’t hesitate to find more helpful information right away! Continue reading

Step-by-Step Guide: Hello World Java NetBeans

If you have decided to learn Java NetBeans, start with learning the simple application Hello World. If you will open any book about programming language you will see that the first application every programmer creates is Hello World. This application demonstrates the basic methods and serves as a great beginning for you. In the following article you can read a step-by-step tutorial on how to create Hello World Java NetBeans.

Please, note that you will need to install the Java SE Development Kit and the NetBeans IDE to be able to write the Hello World Java NetBeans program. Start writing the program following each step of this article, and as a result, the program will print “Hello World” in the output window. On our blog you can find more samples connected with programming languages. Moreover, we have guidelines and completed tasks in various disciplines: engineering, statistics, and more! Every sample is as detailed as possible to give you a better understanding of the topic. Continue reading

Step-by-Step Guide: Shape Layer After Effects

We hope that this guide will help you learn how to use shape layer. After Effects is a popular image and video editing software. Usually, it is used for creating music videos, commercials, art clips, animated video for television and internet, and more. If you want to learn how to use After Effects, leave yourself plenty of time. You will need diligence and patience to learn all tools and functions. This guide is only a drop in the ocean, as this software gives an endless number of possibilities.

If you enjoy reading our guide about animating shape layers in After Effects, you can find more guides connected with architecture and design on our blog. All samples and guides were written by our expert writers, and are totally free. Besides, if you will need help with your assignments, you can ask our experts for help. If you value your time, can do the most difficult or annoying assignments for you. Our service is available 24/7, so you can leave the order right away. List the specifications, set the due date, pick the most suitable expert in your discipline, and get a finished work on time. Continue reading