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Java programming language is an object-oriented language similar to C++, but it is facilitated to avoid popular programming errors. This language has a number of features that makes it convenient for Web programming. Principally, Java language allows developers to create code that runs on different platforms and doesn’t have to be recompiled. The typical Java assignments of a technical student are related to cross-platform environments and software applications.

Mistakes You Can Avoid While Programming in Java

Learning a programming language is always a challenge, because you have to learn to express your complex thoughts using limited, formal grammar. Commonly, many beginners make mistakes when programming. To shed some light on what mistakes are often made by beginners, researchers from the University of Kent reviewed the code that has been compiled by more than 260,000 students around the world.

The project called Blackbox data collection is based on BlueJ, a free Java IDE, designed specifically for beginners. BlueJ is trying to eliminate the barriers to success for beginners, for example, highlighting the beginning and the end of the code block. This makes the process of visual scanning of the code for extra braces easier for students. Another feature of the IDE is an opportunity to scan objects directly when the program is running. Thus, it helps to understand the principles of the program, as well as debugging.

Blackbox also works as an extension for BlueJ, which collects various anonymous information about how software is used. For example, it collects information about what functions are performed, when, and with what errors. The amount of data is huge. Only 37,158,094 compilations have been handled for one academic year, 19,476,087 of which were successful, and the remaining 17,682,007 were unsuccessful.

Most people can not even dream about handling such a large amount of data, but Amjad Altadmri and Neil Brown examined each of the 46,448,212 files which were involved in the 37 million compilations discussed above. They also tracked changes in files for a long period of time. With each compilation, scientists tested the source code in order to assign it to one of the 18 possible error categories (which were identified by the letters from A to R). They calculated the amount of time that the student spent to correct the mistake (by checking the file in which the error had been already absent).

java assignment help

Altamira and Brown were surprised to find out that the mistakes that experts and teachers considered the most common were not so in reality. This can be a dangerous trend, they said, because most of these errors are covered, and even cherished in textbooks. However, if we look at the data collected, there is a sharp ranking of the 5 most common errors:

  • Unbalanced parentheses, braces or quotes, as well as the usage of these characters alternately.
  • Calling methods with the wrong arguments and argument types.
  • The control flow reaches the end of non-void method without returning.
  • Confusion with the operators of the assignment and comparison.
  • Ignoring the return value of the method with non-void return type.

Oftentimes, it can be difficult to deal with programming languages. This is particularly true when it comes to Java language. Java is useful and effective for many programming issues, but it is only when you are able to learn it correctly. However, when you have a Java assignment and you don’t know how to deal with it, or you are not informed about some particular aspect, then it can be very difficult to accomplish your assignment. The good thing is that you can get Java homework help from a professional assignment writing service online. Therefore, all necessary Java help is only a few clicks away from you.

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